Sunday, December 2, 2007

Staff day comming up

First, I'd like to say how funny the pictures on the third floor are. Who is that masked man...Dave perhaps? Very funny. So I'm bummed out because I can't go to staff day and from what I hear it should be a lot of fun.
Why? you ask. Well, it's the day job. Unfortunately, I have to be a teacher first and school will still be in session, so truly, I am officially bummed out because it would have been nice to meet people from different departments.
So I hope everyone has a good time (sob, sob) jk. I'm sure it will be great. :)
I think I can still be in the raffle even if I don't go, at least I hope so. Catch you guys later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Day Another BLOG!

Hello out there! I have lost my voice- I sound like a frog lives in my throat and the only sounds that come from me sound like a deep voice "ribbit!" ha-ha. Seriously though-very tough to be a teacher of preschoolers and have no voice. Nonetheless, it was a good week in school but I am looking forward to kicking back and relaxing with the family this weekend. Looking forward to Halloween also. I'm actually thinking of dressing up as a "princess" I figure the kids will get a good laugh out of it and so will my husband. :) Anyway, hope all of you are doing great out there.

Chat with you later, Ribbit!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Just wanted to send a shout out to anyone who actually reads my blog. I was just curious when staff day is?What is it?Who can come(besides staff)?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

POST 10 Things

Whew! I'm still recovering from doing the 10 things. Needless to say I got a bit obssessed there. Nonethelss that was alot of fun. I think I approaced it like a race and I just wanted to finish--it was very cool.

Well, it's kinda busy in the lab today--lots of kids doing there homework which I really didn't expcet since they have a day off tomorrow. Its been kinds hectic but either way I just wanted to say Hola to you guys out there and good luck on the ten things.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Who needs the Lasalle marathon anyway? ha-ha I can't believe I got through this.
I have become utterly obsessed with finishing the ten things. I have spent way to much time on them. It was like a game I had to finish. I know that there was no pressure from anyone to be done with them this quickly and yet, I had to be done.

But now that its "over" I find that it is really just begun. I know that I will go back and set up some things for myself now. But WU HU!!! I feel such a sense of accomplishment (and I have no idea why)

But anyway, this post is about Thing #10.

I spend a lot of time searching the library's website before the 10 things. Being in the youth lab, I have found that it is very helpful knowing what is on there. Yet, for all my searching I always found the digital books to be very intimidating. I personally, love the feel of books and the idea of reading a book online ...well, its not my favorite thing. Nonetheless, I do like that it is available to me. Had it not been for this journey I don't think that is something I would ever have done. And as cool as it was to find a book I wanted to read and to download it onto the computer--it will never replace the love I have for actual books. Personally, I think a lot of people feel the same way I do. Then again, that could just be me, thinking everyone thinks like me. ha-ha

Seriously though, I am so happy that we as a library have this as a resource for our patrons. It can be very helpful and there seems to be so many books out there. Who knew?

I think it would be great if we had a staff picks link on the website that simply listed the staff picks. I understand that this may be hard to do but sometimes I think people just want a list. I think patrons really value what the staff thinks and having access to a link like that might be the sort of personal touch that could make the Skokie Public Library website all the better. As it is the link on the website makes you choose by name - but sometimes a patron may not know a person's name. It was a just a thought; you let me know what you think.

#9 Love it, but I still like filezilla better

Okay, I had no idea that google had an FTP. This is actually really cool because I am one of those people who is constantly e-mailing myself things. I love that the home for a document is in the virtual world. It makes life a heck of a lot easier. My issue with google's version of this is the way it reformats you're document. This can be especially troublsome if you took a lot of time to format the document. Still, I prefer this to a jumpdrive anyday.

For those of you that don't know what FTP means I beleieve its (file transfer protocal) but don't quote me on that. And its just like this google thing except your document is kept intack --as in it is not reformatted--my favorite FTP is called filezilla(made from the people who brought you mozilla) I know that all this going around on the web can get you a bit dizzy but if you get a chance, check it out as well.
Whew, almost finished!

#8 Wiki

Wiki, Wiki, Wiki Jam on it!

I am so showing my age. If any of you understood the above joke--your old school just like me. Ha-ha. I like the idea of a Wiki- that information stays up to date and that the public is part of the process of sharing information. However, Some people out there really do go out looking to destroy Wiki's. I think they are a great source of information--however, if they are the only source of information you may have to think twice about your sources.

Nonetheless, I had fun updating the Wiki for the Skokie Public Library. I added my favorite movies --I'd love your take.